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Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to be strong and muscular. Once I reached adult age I began to grow bigger and beefier, continuing to explore more of my strength and sexual drive as I progressed in the gym. This lead me to more intense strength training and it eventually earned me a job as a bouncer at several night clubs in town. This made me want to grow even bigger. I began to attract the attention of others who where impressed with my size and strength. I was so humbled and taken back by how far people would go the distance to communicate and make physical contact with me at work. During my collage years I was introduced by a friend to the world of adult webcam performing and live chat sessions. I honestly did not know that there were people out there that were attracted to my type of beefy and hairy build. Regardless, it was a blessing because it helped me pay my way through school and other expenses. After colleg I had realized I still loved to perform and show off my hairy beefy body so I continued with my webcam work as a performer within the adult social media community. Today, after many years of online performing, I have acquired a big following of amazing fans who I still love to perform for.

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