Adult performer partners wanted
Looking for the right Adult Content Performer Partners To Create Adult Videos With!

* Add to your existing adult content page such as your OnlyFans, and JustFeorFans by creating content with BullMuscleJoe. See details below.

* You must be at least 21 years of age and prove it with proper government documentation to apply and be considered.

*** In order to apply and qualify as an Adult Content Performer Partner you must meet the following criteria and rules… ***

Qualifications and Rules

1. You must be at least 21 years of age age! (You need to confirm your age with the proper government issued ID such as State Driver’s License or Passport)

2. Must be and prove you are a legal resident or citizen of the United States of America with proper documentation.

3. Must show at least two years’ experience as an Online Adult Perfumer. *Although we all can be amateur, such as me, you still have to show us at least two years’ worth of published content to adult only websites.

4. Must be willing to share content created together where both or all involved parties have the rights to publish any media created under agreed and signed contract.

5. Must be disease free or at the very least be maintaining undetectable medical status to protect others from disease.

7. Must sign and agreed contract complying to all rules and regulations above.

8. Must be willing to be a part of an adult production environment where you can perform hard core sexual adult acts and activities on front of a crew and have it recorded as content for the intent to publish on adult related websites.

* Lets create some hot Online Adult Content Together!

* Please Read Requirements Below... 

What’s that old saying? “Two are better than one.” I have been an Online Adult Model Performer for over twenty plus year. One thing I have learned is collaborating with other likeminded performers in the Adult Porn Industry is one of the many great ways to maintain content current and fresh. This keeps our valued fans interested in coming back for more new and exciting adult content.

Although, I have always enjoyed my solo work, I’m sure most of us have enjoyed sexy fun times with other adult performers.

The idea to partner up in the Adult Online Performers industry is no different. There are many benefits to partnering up and creating amazing adult content together.

Please reach out to me if interested in collaborating and creating hot sexy fun content where we can all benefit and share resources to fill up each of our pay sites with more exciting and enjoyable content on a regular basis.

*** In order to apply and qualify you must meet the following criteria and rules… ***

Please reach out to me if you interested and agree to all rules and qualifications above.

 Below are serval ways to contact me. Hope to hear from you soon!



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